A day at the mall or a night at a ball

Soto has got you covered . Head to toe. Professional ,

down to earth, Just us and you.

Trusting , Confident , Relaxed. 

​ A relationship every client

should have with their salon. It's here .

Welcome to Soto  

           Stylists, Colorists, Hair Professionals.​ Creative, skilled.

         Trained to give men & women the style you want.

              Skincare specialists create the foundation.

              Makeup artists perfect your special look....

 Nail technicians finish with eye catching nails to complete you. 

  In the end, we make you feel like the special person you are.

 When you come in for your appointment,

Be sure to enter our 20th Anniversary Raffle.

SOTO SALON so-to sa-lon

win one of 20 prizes.    Blow dryers, Flat irons,

             Products, haircuts. Manicures and Pedicures

(noun) def. Appearance enhancement

Celebrating our 20th year